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There are many questions about psychics. It can be very scary having your first psychic reading. Even people who have readings all the time become confused about what a psychic actually is and what a psychic can do for you.

  • Are you curious to know what your future holds?
  • Would you like to know what kind of day to expect?
  • Do you have specific questions about your travels, money or past lives? Or, would you like to know when love will find you?


What is a Psychic Reader?

The word psychic originates from the Greek word psychikos which means “of the soul, mental" . Today it refers to a person who has extra sensory ability – someone able to ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ by the use of something other than the known senses.  Parapsychologists call this psychic ability Extra-Sensory-Perception. The layman may call it the ‘sixth sense’

Parapsychologists have very specific definitions for the psychic skills. They roughly break ESP into four main categories:

TELEPATHY – mind to mind communication
CLAIRVOYANCE – perception of things without using the known senses
PRECOGNITION – the ability to foretell the future
PSYCHOKINESIS – mind over matter


DIVINATION – This may be using fortune telling techniques such as Tarot Cards or the Runes to divine the future.

CLAIRVOYANCE – In common language a clairvoyant usually refers to a person who uses psychic skills rather than need tools such as palmistry, tarot cards and the like. A clairvoyant will ‘pick up’ information about the sitter directly.

MEDIUM SHIP – A medium is a person who can sense the presence of spirits. Most real mediums have been trained within Spiritualism.  A medium's task is to prove that life continues after death.  

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